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An Interview with Bryce Moore

 Note: This is from an article that appears in the Laconia Citizen on Monday, July 15th.


Wash & cut--$19.00; hair color--$60.00; perm--$65.00; a local young lady staying in Laconia to support her career & downtown--Bryceless....

By all accounts Bryce Moore, age 19, is a real go getter.  She has joined the Main Street Initiative and has not let her shortage in years be a shortage of ideas or results.  She takes this proactive approach to everything she does. The Main Street group sat down with Bryce recently and here’s what they learned:

Q: Tell us about yourself; what do you do?
Bryce: I'm a stylist at the Mr. Paul’s Hair Affair Salon on Canal St. in downtown Laconia.  I work right down the street from where I was raised!  

Q: Was styling\beauty always a career goal?  
A cardiologist friend of my parents saw my promise and suggested that I consider a career as a cardiovascular technician, so I started planning on that in high school.  In the back of my mind I found I was always thinking about hair.   Some of my relations worked in hair care, and I spent a lot of time in salons growing up.  A week before I was supposed to start my medical studies, I changed paths. It was a natural choice.  I enjoyed beauty school so much.  I met great people who became my best friends.

Q: Was it difficult to find employment in your field?  
I got a chance at a spot at Mr. Paul’s Hair Affair through some people who knew about my skills and referred me to Lori Chandler who gave me a shot and is now my boss.  I’m grateful to Lori for recognizing my potential.

Q: What does Laconia represent to you?  
My grandfather was a part time policeman here for 38 years. He also owned Bud's Gulf gas station on South Main Street.    When I think of Laconia, that's what first comes to mind.  Everybody knew Bud and my father too.  The sense of community is still strong here today.  It’s amazing how connected and caring this community is.

Q: Why have you chosen to stay in Laconia?  
I've lived here all my life, and I like it.  My parents are still here, and I'm close to them.  They've been big supporters of mine through everything.  My parents were not upset when I decided not to go to cardio-tech school.  They just said I should follow my dreams.  I really appreciate my parents unconditional love.

Q: What do you like about downtown?  
It's cute. There are all these cute little shops and my home is right around the corner too, so you can walk wherever you want...though I like to drive!  

Q: What one thing would you add to downtown?  
Maybe a store for people my age, with clothes and jewelry for my age group. Nothing too fancy, maybe something like this store my parents told me about, the old Junior Deb shop.  The sort of stores, that might carry things like what American Eagle carries, but in stores like they used to have in our downtown.  Maybe a coffee shop for people my age, with Wi Fi for the college students, so they wouldn't have only the library, where they usually have to wait for computers.

Q: What do you do on a Saturday night?  
It's always the same!  Every Saturday night since I was 15, I play pool with my dad at our friend's house. It's like my bonding time with him!  Then sometimes we go listen to live music afterwards.  Weoften go to listen to Lisa Guyer especially her solo performances.

Q: What else do you do in your spare time?  
I go shopping a lot.  I'm a hair nerd!  I don't get enough at work! I go shopping for hair care products.  No matter where I am, I’m always connected.  I hunt down new styles and cuts online.  Continued professional development is important but real growth happens when you take the initiative to learn yourself.

Q: What else do you do on the internet?  
I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I talk to friends and look up stuff, mostly about hair. I like to watch movie trailers more than I like watching movies themselves. I listen to music. You can find almost anything online!  

Q: What music is on your playlist?
I listen to just about anything--any type of music.  My parents like '80's music, so I listen to that a lot. And I'm a big country fan; though I also listen to Credence Clearwater Revival, Journey, Zac Brown Band, but also Wale, and Tyga, because my brother likes him a lot....I think he's good too though.  

Q: What would we find surprising about you?
I go target shooting a lot!   I like shooting a Walther P-22 and recently my grandfather's 45 caliber police revolver.  That was cool!  I’m not the best shot, but I’m good enough.

Q: Tell us about your talents.
I sing pretty well, except I don't like to sing in public.  I took voice lessons for about a year, but the teacher made me study show tunes and I'm not that interested in Broadway, so I stopped, but to this day I use what I learned.

So maybe Bryce might seem at first glance like a typical young adult finding her fledgling wings.  But underneath that everyday exterior are exceptional abilities and startling accomplishments which are beyond price....but not beyond Bryce and are in short -- BRYCELESS.

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