Friday, March 28, 2014

Main Street Bridge Update 3/27/2014

Thank you everybody who expressed their appreciation for our efforts to send these emails.  I am glad to hear that you are receiving them and finding them helpful.
In addition to forwarding the messages from the City, we at Main Street are here to collect your questions and concerns and pose them anonymously to the City.  We will then post the questions and answers here so that in the likely event that others have the same question, it will save time and effort for all concerned.
Such was the case Tuesday.  We forwarded a question posed to us to the City and had an answer the same day.
Q.  “April 1st is the start of fishing season, and myself and scores of other anglers enjoy dropping a line off the Main Street Bridge.  Will be able to do so this April 1st, and what about April 1st 2015”?
A. “We welcome and encourage anglers to take advantage of the salmon season in areas along the banks of the Winnipesaukee River that are not closed-off as part of the active Bridge Construction Zone.  In the immediate Main St. vicinity, the Beacon Street West bridge section, the Mill St. Pedestrian Bridge, Rotary Park, Stewart Park, the area behind the Landmark Inn (and Walgreens) and the Beacon St. West Riverwalk  are all fully available to the public.
In the 2015 cycle, the only difference should be that Beacon St. West would be closed because of active bridge construction, but, at that time, Beacon St. East should be fully available”.
                                --thanks to Paul Moynihan for that answer.
Director of Public Works, Paul Moynihan has one important announcement and the daily update to share:
NOTE:  R.M. Piper (Contractor) has confirmed that the Phase 1 Detour will be put into effect on Monday, March 31st during the morning hours.
Hi All, -- Update this a.m. (Thursday 3/27),
Traffic Island at mouth of Beacon St. East (edge of Phase 1 work area) will be removed today
Site Prep work will continue on sidewalk area at the south end of the Parking Garage and with staging set-up under the bridge on the Beacon St. east side
Crosswalk striping around the work area will be enhanced
Traffic on Beacon St. East and Beacon St. West will flow freely thru the day with only periodic delays on the Beacon St. East side
Thanks for tuning in.
Yours truly,
John Moriarty, president
Main Street Initiative of Laconia

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