Friday, August 15, 2014

New traffic pattern begins Monday through downtown

Phases 1 & 2 of the bridge construction in Downtown Laconia is complete, and traffic will once again be able to travel north on Beacon Street East; the entrance to the free downtown parking garage will again be accessible from that direction. This is the official update from the director of the Laconia Public Works Department, Paul Moynihan:

"On Monday, August 18th adjustments at the work site on Main St. for the Phase 3 traffic lane configuration will take p...lace. This will involve removing of remaining concrete islands and shifting of concrete barriers such that the Main St. north bound traffic lane will be “jogged over to the right” in accordance with the Phase 3 Detour Plan. At this time, Beacon St. East will be re-opened to one-way north bound traffic. Phase 3 Traffic Pattern will be fully operational during the day Monday, August 18th.

From this point forward, access to the Laconia Parking Garage will be via Beacon St. East only. A unique feature of the Phase 3 work is the requirement to close-off the connection from Beacon St. West to both Main St. (north of the bridge) and Beacon St. East. This is necessary in order for the section of the bridge along this connection route to be fully re-constructed. Beacon St. East and Main St. (north of the bridge) will be fully accessible via Main St. running north bound from the Court St. Union Ave. Intersection. Motorists will need to plan their maneuvering the work site accordingly."

You can find detour maps here and regular updates and photos here. By mid-November the first 3 phases of construction will be done, in time for holiday shoppers to visit all of the downtown businesses conveniently. Meanwhile, don't let the detours get you down - downtown is open, and worth getting to. You can always call a local business directly and get detailed directions from your location!


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