Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Letter from the Main Street Initiative President

There is a lot going on with the Main Street Initiative - read about it from President John Moriarty:            
We are still hearing positive remarks about our planning session held at Pitman's Freight Room, and more importantly we are still receiving good input!  For each and every one of you who attended, thank you!  For those that couldn't please know we need your help too.
We appreciate your patience while we setup our email system and entered 156 people into the database.  With that running we hope to communicate more often. 

Three dates you may want to be aware of are:

#1:     Tues March 19th @ 7:00 p.m. at Pitman's Freight Room
TRAIL TOWNS -- Carl Knoch will teach us how to merchandise our downtown to reach people using the WOW trail. We thank the WOW trail board of directors for bringing this program to us and jointly sponsoring it with the Main Street Initiative.

#2:     Every Tuesday morning the Executive Committee meets from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the lower level of 600 Main Street.  

#3:     Tues March 26th @ 7:30 a.m. in the lower level of 600 Main Street
Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors   We will be electing our officers and directors.  If you have any interest in participating at that level please send a note to

Please stay tuned; Reuben, Sue, Lori and Melissa will be communicating with people who share an interest in their focus areas shortly.  Below is a brief review of what they are working on this week.

Reuben in Economic Development is working on his first step -- building the data team. If you have an interest in counting, calculating or quantifying you'll fit right in.  (and we won't even point out your arithmomaniactic tendencies ;-). 

Sue in Design has her hands full. Between the bridge construction, the way-finding project, the WOW trail and more, you'd think she would stop there. Instead, she has added working on making Spring in downtown even more beautiful than ever. Do you have a green thumb, was your undergraduate degree in horticulture, then please put us on your speed-dial list. 

Lori in Promotions is working on several projects including one involving grapes, curds and barley. This group knows how to have fun and she'd love to share that joie de vivre with you. 

Melissa is our grass-roots gal. While Reuben is working on big changes Melissa wants to start with SMALL CHANGE. Become a part of the team of People Advancing Laconia; Be her PAL. 
Lastly, our efforts won't work in a vacuum. We want to help you build the downtown of your dreams. Do you have a project that you want to work on?  Do you need help getting other people involved or need help getting started?  Our hotline is always open 24/7. Call, text, email your thoughts and observations to 603.455.2084 or

Yours truly, 

John Moriarty,
President, Main Street Initiative of Laconia

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