Sunday, April 28, 2013

"...That Our Flag Was Still There"

There are few sights more capable of stirring a sense of pride, justice and history than an American flag snapping briskly against a clear sky. The condition of the aging flags that we currently have to hang throughout Laconia comes nowhere near reflecting the pride and sacrifice that the American flag should represent to everyone who sees it. The tattered edges, faded stripes, and "Made in Taiwan" labels of the flags that await their installation downtown belies the respect that we feel for the flag, and the Laconia Main Street Initiative has made it a goal to change that.
The tattered flags and broken flagpoles that we currently have.
The Main Street Initiative feels strongly that American flags should be American-made, as durable as possible, and shown in their best possible light. Plantings of red, white and blue "Super-tunias" in  barrels and hanging baskets lining the streets will create a unified and pleasing setting for brand new American-made flags. Trustworthy Hardware on Union Avenue has offered to sell the Main Street Initiative both the flags and flagpoles, and we're working with Petal Pushers to provide the plants.
We have created an on-line campaign that will allow anyone who is interested in this project to make a donation to it, whether from within the area or not. This is about pride in the flag, and reverence toward its display. We are one small city, but don't think that should be an excuse for anything less than our best in putting forward the American flag. Donations will be accepted as well at All My Life Jewelers on Main Street and The Studio on Canal Street. Questions can be directed by email to or by phone or text to 603-455-2084. The Laconia Main Street Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible. 

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